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  • Clients: Build Meaningful Relationships with Your Consumers

    Do you want to create truly impressive experiences for your customers, the kind that inspire loyalty and increase sales? Our integrated platform provides a complete cycle of evaluation, training, and improvement that makes a measurable impact on your bottom line. Each program is individually designed and backed up by over a decade of premium and luxury retail expertise, so you know that the best knowledge in the business is being used to achieve your brand’s goals.

  • Evaluators: Earn Rewards for Sharing Your Experiences

    Ever needed help at a store and have been totally ignored? Ever wished that your favourite brands understood you better? Do you want them to deliver more of the experiences that delight you? Become a store performance evaluator with Albatross CX and help us make service better! By visiting stores and sharing your experiences through online surveys, you’ll be improving the quality of customer service in your area and around the world, and earn rewards for doing it. Our missions pay in cash and/or gifts, plus the knowledge that you’re doing something to make everyone’s days just a little bit brighter.

  • Careers: Grow with Albatross CX

    We believe in providing our employees with great opportunities to learn, grow, and advance. Our commitment to being a lean, flexible organization is the perfect environment for creative, dedicated individuals looking for a company where their best ideas can become reality. Albatross CX is proud to be a genuinely diverse company, with a staff that is over 50% women and represents over 26 different nationalities. If you are a young graduate with standing academic achievements or an experienced professional with a successful track record, a creative flair, and a passion for retail, we would love to hear from you.

    Want to make customer service better?