Discussing Chinese Travelers on Thoughtful China

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Discussing Chinese Travelers on Thoughtful China

News / Wednesday, 9 December 2015 - 00:00

Albatross made another appearance on thoughful china recently, this time to discuss the increasing importance and evolving behavior of Chinese travelers. Participating in a panel discussion with Erwan Rambourg,Markting Director & Global Co-Head of Consumer & Retail Global Research, HSBC and Chloe Reuter, founder of ReuterPR, Albatross discussed the ways in which contemporary Chinese travelers differ from the image many brands hold of them.

“They still spend most of their money on shopping, that’s very true. But they are also looking for experiences. And we are seeing that both locally and overseas, the amount spent on experiences, the amount spent on doing things that are new to them, is also increasing significantly, and much faster than the amount they spend on shopping.”

“If Chinese consumers see you as doing things very Chinese, it can be seen as patronizing. I think there is a fundamental problem when it comes to Chinese Travelers, and it’s the stereotypes that are so rooted in people’s minds. We tend to put all the Chinese travelers in the same basket, but the Chinese traveler is not homogeneous.”