Our Solutions

  • Understand Customer Expectations

    The environment in which luxury brands operate has dramatically changed in recent times. Customers are more sophisticated, and more knowledgeable about luxury brands. Knowledge raises the bar for expectations, which makes customers a lot more demanding.

    Customer values towards self-expression, assertiveness, and individuality has evolved. The emergence of new customers, like Millenials, has placed strong emphasis on experience. Albatross CX Customer and Retail Insights help brands get a better understanding of what customers need, want and expect from in-store experience, boutique environment, digital and social media, and CRM. We help premium and luxury brands deliver bespoke customer experience, maintain relevant and meaningful dialogue with their customers, creating relationships that ultimately increase conversion rate and customer loyalty.

  • Create Inspiring Experiences at Every Touchpoint

    Modern luxury consumers expect more from brands. They do not see brands as providers of products, but as expressions of their lifestyle and values. When they shop, they’re not just looking for a lovely object or a smooth transaction. In fact, they are looking for an emotional connection, a brand that represents what they stand for, believes what they believe, and helps them express the person they want to be.

    In this consumer environment, the brands that win will be those who build long-lasting, emotionally-driven relationships with their customers. Our framework helps brands shift the experience delivered at all of their touchpoints from a transaction-based model to a relationship-based model.  

    We help brands understand what needs to be done to generate positive word of mouth and induce greater advocacy. With over 100,000 evaluations done every year, Albatross Customer Experience (ACE) index is a unique metric that allows brands to better understand not only what drives advocacy but also their performance vs their peers

    We bring unparalleled value towards our clients through our understanding of the luxury market and its competitive landscape, combined with a solid methodology and platform designed to drive change and unleash value.

  • Deliver Luxury Customer Experience

    We leverage on the staff and customer feedback data we have to take brands a step further and yield a high return on investment. Created and delivered by our partner, Face2Face Training Consultancy, our training programs give sales professionals the concrete skills they need to inspire consumer advocacy and form personal connections with customers.

    Each program is individually constructed around the client’s unique situation and goals and adjusted over time to ensure those goals are achieved. Face2Face's proven combination of in-person training and e-learning reinforcement can be adapted to suit every sales associate’s and store manager schedule and learning style, while regular progress reports show management the measurable impact on sales. An investment in luxury retail training increases staff retention and boosts the effectiveness of customer engagement efforts, building mutually beneficial relationships between the brand, its employees, and its consumers.

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