Albatross CX partners with FACE2FACE

Albatross CX partners with FACE2FACE

News / Tuesday, 17 May 2016 - 17:51

Albatross CX, a market research agency dedicated to improving the performance of luxury brands, has entered into a partnership with Face2Face, a luxury retail training consultancy. Face2Face’s unparalleled expertise in training sales teams in the art of selling luxury allows Albatross to complete its service offering and provide an end-to-end solution for luxury brands in a rapidly evolving market.

In just a few short years, the luxury market has changed profoundly. In addition to being affected by the trends that have transformed every consumer sector—for example, the impact of digital technologies and the emergence of omnichannel customer expectations—it also faces new challenges that are specific to luxury. Foremost among these is the shifting relationship between luxury brands and consumers. These relationships are not formed nor sustained in the manner they used to be; luxury brands can no longer rely solely upon their innate cachet and reputation to attract new customers. Rather, they must continuously reinvent themselves in harmony with a rapidly evolving consumer base. The demographic profile, purchasing behavior, and experiential expectations of the luxury consumer have changed. Luxury brands must change in parallel.

“Luxury and premium brands today must find the delicate balance between adapting to the behaviors of new consumers and preserving the unique characteristics that distinguish them as ‘luxury’,” says Christophe Caïs, CEO of Albatross Global Solutions. “Among these, we cannot overemphasize the importance of the service in the store. The welcome, the courtesy, the individual attention and personal care given to each and every customer, plus the brand and product expertise of the sales associate—all these aspects are absolutely essential for growing the brand’s reputation and, thereby, its business. By partnering with Face2Face and adding its unique expertise in training store managers and sales associates, we have added a service that allows our clients to directly improve a fundamental touchpoint connecting them to their clientele.”

Through the partnership with Face2Face, Albatross CX now offers a complete approach based on three major pillars: Customer Experience, Staff Assessment, and Retail Coaching & Training.

Together, Face2Face and Albatross intend to become the premier worldwide training agency for the luxury market within the next five years.

“We are extremely happy about this new partnership with Albatross Global Solutions. Our respective abilities complete each other very naturally,” says Fabrice Tavel-Besson, founder of Face2Face. “Since our founding in 2010, we have developed a very strong reputation in Asia, where we are privileged to have won the loyalty of major luxury brands operating across the region. By partnering with Albatross, we will be able to extend our presence across the globe. Our clients will be able to take advantage of a complete service dedicated to fostering luxury retail excellence, in line with the high standards of quality and exclusivity that they expect.”